Portal drupal 7 con subportales

Drupal 7 Portal for a local business promotion company. Serveis Actius has more than 1500 clients from all Catalonia with multiple town subportals.

Each client has a page with business information, pictures and map localization. Using Drupal, clients are able to modify their data.

A great effort on search engine optimization has been done with very good results. First page positions for almost all clients has been reached.

First version of the portal was done with Php and MySql custom coding. After that, a second version with Drupal 7 was done. Once in Drupal technology, we added a new language to the portal, allowing Serveis Actius to focus on Spanish and Catalan market.

Highlights : Performance optimitzations. Massive users portal. Scripts to enter programatically data to Drupal. Especial module code ( Form API, Batch API).

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