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Drupal 6 + SEO + Responsive

Drupal 6 site for a personal bet to try to build a similar site to BGG in Spanish. Used as R+D effort and lab for inetB.

The aim of the site is to create a tool for users to let them joint all the knowledge about board games in Spanish. People is allowed to create content as games, reviews, external links, events, places to play and people (game authors). Content can be voted to create a ranking.

Evently, a redesign was made to test a new concept : Responsive Web. This design is based on new logo created by Danny Medina.

Highlights: Live Lab for inetB. Lots of new concepts developed and later implemented in inetB projects.

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  • November 10, 2013
    After a time looking for a job and trainning to get back to Java world, reading some (a lot) books and checking how useful are they, I am sure about this : The Algorithm Design Manual (Steve Skiena)...

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