Skiena Algorithms meet Java

After a time looking for a job and trainning to get back to Java world, reading some (a lot) books and checking how useful are they, I am sure about this : The Algorithm Design Manual (Steve Skiena) is an incredible book. I started reading it just because in one interview they asked me to code a sort algorithm with O(n logn) complexity, and now I am about to start writting a serie of articles about it.

Why Skiena Algorithms meet Java?

As I said, I was trainning Java. Just because that? No. I was also reading about Collections and Generics and this kind of algorithms were perfect for that. And, just a final thing, I was extremelly weak at whiteboard coding, and was able to train that using as a combo with Algorithms + Generics + Collections.

Is that really needed?

I've search and nothing found about Java implementations of Skiena book algorithms and data structures, so I think this can help someone in the same situation as me. Also, this will help me to clean the code, put on a public git repository, create quality tests and see if someone helps me improve the code.

The Code

You will see that the code will be Java using Generics as much as I can and Collections. I am using Eclipse IDE, and in github repository you'll find that there is project info. I will try to work on that to be able to use Netbeans or other IDE, but at this moment It's not the main focus. You can get the code from jAlgo github : .

Next Article : Sort Algorithms (QuickSort)

Disclaimer : I have not relation to Skiena. All code was done using Skiena book implementations as base so I am not sure about legal concerns, but I am totally opened to any rectification, aclaration or removing if necessary if there is any problem.